LANY Entertainment, (aka LANYfilms), is an Emmy®-nominated independent bi-coastal entertainment company, creating quality productions of all media from start to finish. These projects may include feature motion pictures, short films, documentaries, behind-the-scenes coverage, and quality web content.

Our company helps pioneer professionalism in the world of new media, defining the true meaning of ‘new age’ entertainment. Helmed by an award-winning and record-breaking  director, Gregori J. Martin, the team consists of young Hollywood professionals who collectively specialize in all areas of today’s entertainment industry.

Differentiating ourselves from most entertainment companies, LANY Entertainment can efficiently work with various budget ranges from micro to multi-million dollar budgets. Our ultimate goal is to give our clients the highest production value possible for the lowest costs.

LANY Entertainment is currently in post-production on the made for TV pilot of the Emmy® nominated web series THE BAY, starring a roster of TV icons and well recognized faces, including Mary Beth Evans (NBC’s Days of our Lives), Kristos Andrews (X Games Champion and Guinness World Record Holder), Charles Shaughnessy (CBS’s hit sitcom The Nanny), and many more. The TV pilot will be pitched to all major cable outlets and will star most of the cast from the award-winning web series.

As one of our first productions, LANY Entertainment produced the motion picture dark comedy LIGHTS OUT, starring world-known film stars Doug Jones (Hellboy), Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland (Anna), and the infamous WWE wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper.  The film is currently in post-production.

Filmed on location in New York City, LANY Entertainment recently completed the SAG New Media project, THE SOUTHSIDE,  based on the true story and tragic death of Robert Areizaga Jr.  Two industry screenings of THE SOUTHSIDE took place on Monday, Feb. 27, 2012 at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.  The film is being submitted to all major film festivals with a public release date anticipated for early 2014.

LANY Entertainment is currently in post-production on the feature dramedy titled A PLACE CALLED HOLLYWOOD. The film will be submitted to festivals in the coming months and has an anticipated release date for the Spring of 2014.

We at LANY Entertainment strive to provide our clients with a successful and highly profitable timeless masterpiece! It’s the quality of the work flow and enthusiasm of our team that consistently attracts some of Hollywood’s greatest!

111gjm   Gregori J. Martin
(CEO/President, LANY Entertainment)
Gregori J. Martin is the founder and CEO/President of the Emmy® nominated film and television production company LANY Entertainment. In addition to being a multiple award-winning producer and writer, Martin is also a record breaking director having directed nearly a dozen feature motion pictures by the age of 35. A  reputable ‘actors’ director, Martin has directed a slew of iconic film and television stars and is best known for his work on the popular award-winning and Emmy® nominated indie drama series THE BAY and theatrically released independent vampire thriller, RAVEN, produced by GruntWorks Entertainment where he originally served as director and president for nearly five years.  Martin is now currently at the helm of a new “epic” cable miniseries expected to be released by Sony Entertainment.

111ka   Kristos Andrews
(Vice President/Producer, LANY Entertainment)
An XGames Champion and two time Guinness record holder for skateboarding, Kristos Andrews is also the worlds youngest ever Emmy® nominated producer and Vice President of the independent film and television production company LANY Entertainment. An established TV and film actor as well, with several credits under his belt, some of Andrews’ projects include lead roles in the indie features A PLACE CALLED HOLLYWOOD and THE SOUTHSIDE and the award winning drama series THE BAY. Andrews also appeared on Nickelodeons SPORTLETS, iCARLY, and various national commercials, including WENDY’S and BEST BUY and was featured in the biggest Ethiopian film of all time, TRIANGLE.   He is now currently serving  as a fulltime producer and VP for LANY Entertainment.

111dw   Derrell Whitt
(COO/Producer, LANY Entertainment)
A fulltime producer and COO of the Emmy® nominated indie production company LANY Entertainment, Derrell Whitt is also an award-winning actor with a myriad of feature films under his belt including MANHATTANITES, screened at Tribeca Cinemas in New York, and THE INTRUDERS, screened at Universal CityWalk. A production associate at Gruntworks Entertainment for several years prior to becoming the COO of LANY, Whitt also helped line produce and was a second assistant director on a multitude of indie films including THE SOUTHSIDE, JACK RIO, WOVEN, and WHEN LIFE KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY. Since its inception in 2010, Whitt serves as one of the head producers of the Emmy® nominated indie drama series THE BAY.

Contact Us: contact@lanyfilms.com

LANY Entertainment
4401 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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  1. janet kiley says:

    just got done reading about your life looking forward to the next season of the bay & i’m not alone so i just had to let you know & what is coming up next thanks for a great year of 2010 know 2011& beyond.

  2. Jennifer Mathieu says:

    Awesome! Excellent work! Keep on, keep’in on!

  3. Carol says:

    Just started watching The Bay today. Keep it up! Love the show.

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